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God’s Plan for All is a powerful and easy to understand FREE online book about the Good News of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It clearly explains from the Bible, God’s Plan to reconcile and save all, without a single exception, through God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ. It is indeed the destiny of every human being and every angel to enter the Eternal Kingdom of God of the New Heaven and the New Earth as sons of God, and be part of the one huge Family of God; the Elohim Family of the one true Father God, Yahweh Elohim, and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Elohim.

God’s Plan for All gives clear biblical answers to many questions that have perplexed and even troubled Christians in the established churches of this world for centuries. Questions about God, the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, Israel, the Gospel, Salvation, Hell, Heaven, God’s Sovereignty, Freewill, God’s Lake of Fire Judgement, Resurrection, Satan, Sin, the Kingdom of God, and many more questions have all been clearly answered in God’s Plan for All using plain biblical texts.

Gods Plan for All is totally based on the Bible as given in the original inspired Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. The whole of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation becomes wonderfully and powerfully alive, without any contradictions, once you understand God’s Plan for All. You are invited to read this life changing, God honouring and God exalting book. There are many wonderful, powerful and eye-opening truths revealed here; truths clearly explained with plain biblical texts. There has been no such book written in the history of Christianity.

We have no doubt that God inspired us to write God’s Plan for All because we are simply incapable of writing such a book through our own understanding of the Bible.

‘God’s Plan for All’ has 28 chapters and it is absolutely free for all to read here online on our website.


God’s Plan for All Video 1 

This YouTube Video summarises and enscapsulates what ‘God’s Plan for All’ is all about. We highly recommend that you watch it. 


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God’s Plan for All is also available in paperback, which can be purchased for  $15 per copy from Amazon.